There is a lot of stunning jewelry out there. Whatever your niche, you can be sure that there is plenty of competition for your target customer. To separate your company from the pack you should focus your marketing efforts into branding.

What is branding? It is a marketing strategy that seeks to differentiate your company, giving it a unique voice and presence in the minds of consumers. A strong brand will not only attract people, it will instill a connection that will see them coming back again and again.

The elements that make up a company brand are incredibly diverse – from your logo to your tagline and everything in between. Humans connect strongly to storytelling and with branding, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Unfortunately, many businesses ignore this aspect. They think in short term goals and fail to see the long term benefits of a strong brand.

Here are 5 common branding mistakes that you should do everything to avoid.


Not Telling a Unique Story

“We source rough diamonds and shape them into stunning jewelry.”

So what? How does that make you any different from thousands of other companies?

What is your vision? What do you stand for? How did you get to where you are today? What problem are you solving? Who do you design for?

A boutique guitar manufacturer in Spain may produce the most expensive guitars, but when you hear their unique story – a story that is passionate, deeply rooted in history and touches on real human emotions – people will be engaged on a personal level and be willing to pay extra to be a part of such a great tradition. To be able to show their friends their new guitar and share with them that same story, recollected with pride and genuine feeling.

There are stories all around you. Find them.


Not Investing in Photography

Visuals are a big part of branding in every industry, but when it comes to jewelry and other designed pieces, where you have a product that is purely visual, you need to make sure that you have materials that present your product in the best light.

There’s nothing worse than a brand that is selling elegance with sub-standard photos that make the product look cheap. A quality image of jewelry will not only make the product itself look great, it will give a high quality impression of your entire brand, particularly if all the images have a unique and  consistent “personality” or “look and feel”.

Strong marketing images have uses far beyond your website. Instagram and Pinterest are popular social media networks that are built around visuals. Twitter is trending more in this direction and Facebook statistics show that posts with the most engagement have either a photo or a video.

Your designs deserve to be captured in a way that shows how special they are. Invest in top photography and consider it as an investment that will return your money back in sales.


Failing to Communicate On Social Media

In today’s world if you are not telling your story on social media you are shooting yourself in the foot.

There are so many modern tools to make it easier to engage with your customer base. If you’re using all the available social media avenues you will not just help to make your brand more visible, you will also have the opportunity to talk directly to your customers.

Social media allows you to keep an open communication channel with your customers and supporters. It enables you to keep broadcasting your voice, your message, your creations, etc.

If you provide valuable content and support for your product, you will instill a value that speaks to being a brand that cares about its customers. This is how you create a relationship between brand and customer. Take care of them and they will take care of you.


Lacking A Personal Touch

Standing out from the crowd is something most brands should look to do, but it’s important to realize that standing out isn’t ALWAYS a good thing. You can stand out for the wrong reasons and this won’t help your brand at all.

A common example of this mistake are brands that go for flashy promotions and cheap tricks that grab the attention but make the customer feel cheated (if the promotion wasn’t honest) or cheapened (if they see through the gimmicks).

Rather stand out by having a personal story that people can relate to and want to be a part of. When you talk about your creation story, make it personal. Talk about your inspiration, your process and your history. Be authentic and you will find fans that don’t just like your art, they like YOU.

Remember that your story is you and so is your art and designs People will not just be investing in a product; they will be investing in you.


Not Being Proactive

So you’ve made an amazing collection and you’ve posted it on your site and to Etsy, but sales are slow. In the words of my girl, Marie Forleo, “You must always be marketing”. Sure, your marketing needs to be on brand, but it’s all for nothing if it is never seen.  

This doesn’t mean you have to go down the road of typical marketing, such as magazine advertising. Be innovative and unique. Think out of the box. Consider who your target customer is. Where you can find them. What emotional hooks you can use to grab their attention.  

Let’s be honest here, sitting on your hands, waiting and hoping that the customer will find you, is not going to do your business any good. There are now so many different channels that you can use to market yourself and so many ways to get your message out there. Nothing is holding you back. Find the right strategy for you and make it happen.

Create a great product, define your brand, develop your marketing message and find a strategy to get that message to your target audience.
To summarize: Branding is very important aspect for designers since it marks the unique aspects of the work you do. Telling your unique story together with great images and actively tell your story in the right social networks will distinguish you from other designers.

Knowing These Branding Mistakes Doesn’t Mean not Doing Them

Branding should be a focus for every designer. It outlines your process and your unique story. This hook, when shared via the right channels (like social media), will distinguish you from other designers and engage your customer base.

If you want a build a strong brand and reach new customers, drop us a line and we’d be happy to discuss your needs.

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