At DiaTargeting we have a range of services to elevate your brand and grow your business.

We are able to produce exceptional work for our clients, in part because we focus on all aspects of the development journey.

For a successful redesign you need a number of elements working together in harmony. This is the big picture approach that DiaTargeting is known for.
When you work with DiaTargerting you gain access to a committed and talented team that has a proven development process. We’d like to share the key points of this process, so that you know what to expect.


DiaTargeting founder, Dan Greenberg, starts by simply talking to the client. During this talk he will seek to understand the needs of your company and provide insight and guidance as to what DiaTargeting can do to help you reach your business goals.


Dan oversees the management of projects and briefs the team with a summary of the client’s needs. The process progresses through consultation with DiaTargeting’s branding and content expert, as the overall vision of the project begins to take shape. Ideas are brainstormed and an overall structure is conceived that, when implemented, will take your company to the next level.

At this point we present the client with an outline of our plan. Only once the plan has been approved do we begin the development phase.


Our resident designer will produce design elements for the site and brand, while our web developer will work to find an existing web platform solution or, if needed, even create tailor-made solutions that are specifically catered to your needs.

DiaTargeting websites are always eye-catching and user-friendly. They are also responsive and work across all devices. Our web developer has the experience and an eye for detail that ensures rock solid coding fundamentals. It is on this solid platform that our designs and content can be used to the greatest effect.


Throughout the process, the DiaTargeting team works together closely. We communicate closely within our team and with our clients.

The sole purpose being to produce work that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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