The search engine optimization world has seen a lot of changes but it continues to be one of the main ways to generate customers from the internet. If you’re in the competitive jewelry niche and don’t miss the opportunity to get dozens of local clients from the web, you need to be using local SEO for jewelry websites. But the truth is, if you want to stay on the search engine result page (SERP) you need to push even harder. Being on the first page in Google requires a lot of time and effort, but with our help it is more than possible.
So, what are you waiting for? Improve your jewelry website with this local search engine optimization guide.

To understand just how important SEO is, ask yourself this – How did you find this article? Chances are it was from Google or another search engine. This is backed up by the statistics, which show that almost 35% of clients come from organic searches.

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 1 Traffic

At the end of this guide, you too will be able to place your website near the top of Google. If it sounds tough, don’t worry, we will show how to do it without advanced knowledge.

Local SEO Basics. Road to The Stars

To start with, we want to introduce to you some SEO basics. These will help you to better understand SEO. According to Wikipedia, Search Engine Optimization is a process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results. How is it done? How is a website determined to be shown as #1 in Google?
There are two ways of doing it: On-page and Off-page SEO. In conjunction they bring a huge impact on a website visibility. However, in this guide we are going to focus on local SEO where there is still a great deal of room for improvement for small businesses to take advantage of.
In July 2014, Google implemented another search algorithm – “The Pigeon”, that directly influences local search. In other words, depending on where you are, Google will show you different results. Take a look on the images below.

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 2 buy jewelry new york

And now take a look at Google with another city, but with the same words – buy jewelry.

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 3 buy jewelry los Angeles

In this way, Google helps people to find exactly what they are looking for. Otherwise, it will be odd to show people from New York a jewelry shop from L.A. The result of such optimization is obvious – you will get a local buyer that may become a loyal customer in the future. All you need to do is to think how to make your custom made jewelry business appear high up in the result page (SERP). Luckily for you, we here to show you how to do it correctly.

Local SEO Implementation for Jewelry Websites

You now know why you need local search engine optimization, so let’s discuss how you can achieve this goal. After all, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?
There are several steps of implementing local SEO for your jewelry website, and we will cover all of them right below.

Step 1. Get known with NAP and optimize it for the top-ranked directories.

NAP stands for “Name, Address and Phone number with area code”. These elements are essential to your local SEO. Some people also add W (website) to the abbreviation. NAP is the most important aspect of connecting your business to the local customer. It provides everything they need in order to reach you. So, why would you not spend a little time to optimize it properly, so customers can always find you easily. NAP is also a very important signal of the on-page SEO. On the other hand, not having NAP or optimizing it in the wrong way can hurt your website a lot. The most negative local search ranking factor is mismatched NAP citations, according to searchengineland.

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 4 Ranking Issues

So we know what NAP is but how do we use it? NAP has to be somewhere on your website in order for Google’s spider to easily crawl it. Moreover, it must be seen by visitors as well.
We suggest adding it in the footer of the website. But remember – don’t add it as an image; they are not crawlable by search engines.
Below we have a correct NAP example alongside some common INCORRECT uses.

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 5 NAP

As you can see, when this information is used incorrectly it can hurt your business in different ways. But they all lead to one negative result – the loss of the potential customer.

Another important thing in local SEO implementation is your business email and public phone. Let us explain. We know you all like Gmail a lot – we also love it! But you shouldn’t use it publically. There are several reasons to use your own domain email.

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 6 email

The second thing is your business public phone. Remember, it shouldn’t be an 800 number. Use your local area code.

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 7 number

Having NAP on your website is awesome for the search engine, but it won’t help you get direct visitors. To do this you need Google My Business, which is the best way to improve your local SEO.

Imagine people searching “custom made jewelry new york” and finding your shop in the box like this:

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 8 google box

It looks great doesn’t it? To appear like this on Google My Business, we recommend you format your information like the above example.

There is one more important factor to include in the listing – the category. For this you should describe what your business is and not what it does.

When people see your NAP and follow the listing, what is the next thing that they need to see besides the reviews? A description about your company! Every top directory requires at least 250 to 400 words about your business. It should be unique and give readers a strong and accurate impression of your business. If it is not relevant or not professional enough, you won’t get the interest from customers that you’d want.

Google has also introduced another service – Local Guides. We know that it is a tool for tourists and guides, but what if your jewelry business could be a part of the local tourist guide? Submitting into this local directory will definitely be worth the effort.

Besides Google Services, there are plenty others top directories that will help you get more customers:

  7. BizJewelry

Also, we recommend to use this wholesale gem and jewelry business directory. It is hosted by International Gem Society, so your business will be in the right hands.

Now, when you know what is NAP and why it is important to implement it correctly, we want to share with you this next step.

Step 2. Take care of your online jewelry store

Your website should be viewed just like you view your physical store. It needs to be managed correctly, provide the customers with what they need and create a positive impression. We recommend that you perform a local SEO audit before proceeding to the next step. It is very important to understand the state of your jewelry website and what is required to improve for local search engine.First thing you can do to improve local SEO is keyword research. Find the simple keywords that will work for your business and then give them a local twist. In other words, if your keywords are – custom made jewelry, jewelry shop, jewelry business etc., let’s give them a local coloring – “jewelry shop new york”, “jewelry business new york”. Adding these local keywords will help Google understand where you are based and dramatically improve your local SEO.

First thing you can do to improve local SEO is keyword research. Find the simple keywords that will work for your business and then give them a local twist. In other words, if your keywords are – custom made jewelry, jewelry shop, jewelry business etc., let’s give them a local coloring – “jewelry shop new york”, “jewelry business new york”. Adding these local keywords will help Google understand where you are based and dramatically improve your local SEO.Secondly, let’s talk about on-page SEO. When people type any words in Google, they see your meta title and meta description in the snippet (a little box of information).

Secondly, let’s talk about on-page SEO. When people type any words in Google, they see your meta title and meta description in the snippet (a little box of information).

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 10 snippet

To receive the best result, you need to locally optimize Title tags and Meta Descriptions. Take a look at 50 examples of titles to help you inspire your own ideas.

Next thing is your phone number and local address. It will be better for local search engines if your details are on every page. We recommend you to put it in the footer as other jewelry stores do. It will save you the time to add it on every page. Take a look at the example of R & R Jewelers.

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 11 footer

Another Google signal is to embed a map. It might tell more about your location to search bot, but for your visitors as well. Just enter Google Maps and put your address. After that you can easily embed the HTML code into your post or page.

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 12 Google map

There are plenty advantages of Google local services and other top directories. One of which is “reviews” section. People like reviews and engage better with businesses that have them. Some business owners see this option as a disadvantage, normally because they have awful reviews. And the main reason for bad reviews is not doing your job honestly.
So let’s now talk about how you can amass a great collection of reviews that build the trust of visitors.

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 13 Reviews

First of all, we need to say that having good reviews in the snippet on Google page will increase your CTR (Click-through rate). It has been proven that people are much more likely to engage with and buy from a company that has better reviews.

Before doing any actions, we highly recommend not to buy any reviews! Just forget about it.

Every directory has its own privacy policy so before asking customers to review your jewelry store on yelp, you need to know that it prohibits the practice of fake reviews. On the hand, Google encourages you to ask your customers to review your business.

But there is a way you can follow to increase your 5 star reviews – by adding links to review on your website. Add these buttons to your About page like in the image below.

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 14 review buttons

Moreover, you can paste the links anywhere you want – header, footer or even create a separate page to encourage your visitors to add a review. Plus, if you have a newsletter campaign, you can create an email request for your current customers.
Now let’s talk how to fight with negative reviews. Even the best businesses get angry customers and people are more likely to want to post a review when they are upset than when they are happy and content. Quick tip – don’t ignore them. Follow these easy steps on how to fix the issue:

  1. Accept the review and apologize to the owner.
  2. Contact the owner of the bad review personally by phone or email and ask if there is anything you can do to help. State that you are proactively taking steps to correct the reasons for the bad review.
  3. If you feel certain a review was fake or was submitted by your competitors, you can request that the directory remove the review.

On the positive side, you can easily learn how to improve your business from bad reviews and save yourself from paying for fancy business development/engineering specialists.

Step 3. Create local content and use the power of social media

Having covered your on-page SEO needs, it’s time to turn to off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO is almost all about backlinks and social media. We recommend that you take a look at these local search engine factors. As you can see, 18.3% goes to links and 5.8% goes to social. In other words, they cannot be ignored.So,

So, first thing to do is to create great local content. No, just adding local phrases into your recent posts is not a good idea. It might help a little but it won’t bring truly authoritative sources to your website.

Creating relevant local content requires writing about local events or local news with authority. The content should bring value to local readers. Once you have your content, try contacting local bloggers, related businesses or jewelry news websites that might have reason to link to your great piece. And believe us, if the content is good enough, they will do it for free.

On the other side, we have social media. If you are not using social platforms at all, you are in trouble. But realizing this is the first step towards a successful social media presence.

Facebook may be the biggest platform with the most visitors, but don’t underestimate other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Foursquare. There are plenty of other platforms but to start it is best to stick to the major platforms.


We suggest creating your page as a local business. You will have an option to pick the category for your business.

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 15 facebook

Be sure to fill out all of the local details on your page. Don’t forget everything you’ve learned about NAP! After creating the page, the next step will be to connect with a local audience. There are several ways to do that. We will go through some of them very briefly.
Firstly, invite your friends. It is the easiest way, but don’t get too spammy unless you want to lose your friends.
Secondly, follow other local jewelry pages. We know they are your competitors. But let’s look at this from another side. Once you follow the page, we recommend you to post comments and like/share their posts. Audience of the competitor’s page will see your activity and may follow you as well. In this way you can hijack a targeted local audience.
Thirdly, there is an option to send your status updates only to the audience in a specific location. You can start with a country, state or even a city.
Lastly, use Facebook ads. They have a wide range of local targeting. The options start from country, state, province, city and ends in zip code. So, you really can target who sees the ad – just make sure the wording effectively completes the job.

Twitter & Instagram

Don’t underestimate these two platforms. According to this statistics portal, Twitter has 320M active users while Instagram has 400! However, these social networks are more specific and don’t share the same variety as Facebook. All you can do is to optimize your bio with local relevant keywords and include a proper location.

Don’t forget to use local hashtags on your posts, as these will be searched for by locals. Another tip is to find your competitors’ accounts and check their followers. Also, stay active – follow local relevant discussions. This will show the audience that you are here to win their attention!


If you think that there is nobody on Google+, you are wrong. There are almost 400M active users. But why would you spend energy and time on Google+ when you have more powerful social networks like Facebook and Twitter? The answer is simple – GOOGLE. Follow the same steps with Google+ as you have for Facebook. Set up your page as a local business, add local information, add local keywords, connect with a local audience and interact with it. Believe us, you will receive a huge amount of perks from Google in the form of search engine optimization.


LinkedIn is a great social platform that has near 100M active users. It is a ‘professional’ network so your tone should be appropriate. Before putting some effort into this network, you must think about whether you really need it. If you have B2C type of business, we suggest you rather focus your energies on the networks above.
But if you are B2B it is definitely worthwhile. Follow these brief tips to connect with a local audience:

  1. Start from the people you know by importing your email connections to LinkedIn.
  2. Connect with people you might know. We are talking about your past college pals and past or current colleagues.
  3. Find “open networkers” groups. Open networkers are people who want to connect with as many people as possible. We suggest finding the most relevant groups in the jewelry niche. Moreover, try to find local jewelry networking groups. It may sound tough, but once you do it, be ready to see the results.

Are There Any Local SEO Tools to Help Your Jewelry Website?

This is a question that you might have after reading all those steps. It is totally normal to be interested in some kind of help, because the work, which has to be done, is enormous. If you already have a jewelry website, hopefully it is built within WordPress CMS (Content Management System). If not, we suggest you read this article about most popular CMSs for jewelers .

With WordPress you gain access to thousands of tools, called plugins.

There are over 40,000 live active plugins with over 1 BILLION downloads! You won’t find any similar situation with other content management systems. In general, plugins are one of the main reasons for why WordPress is so popular.

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 16 wordpress

Returning to our local SEO topic, there are a ton of plugins that will help but below we are going to save you some time and give you just the very best tools on the market.

Local SEO plugin by Yoast

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 17 yoast

Yoast SEO plugin is the most popular SEO plugin with almost 15 million downloads. It is free, but if you need local optimization (like in our case), you will need to upgrade to the premium version. It adds fields for your company address, open hours, and Google Maps. It costs $69 for a single website, and we believe that it is a great investment into your jewelry business.

Local Business SEO

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 18 local business

Local Business SEO is a free plugin. You can start with this one, if you are not ready for Yoast. It gives you an option to choose a category for the business and add relevant local keywords. Moreover, you will be able to add your company’s name, address, open hours and some other information.

Local Search SEO Contact Page

Local SEO Guide for Jewelers and Designers 19a C-net

Believe it or not, Local Search SEO Contact Page is totally free and is designed to meet all of your local SEO needs. It can generate a QR code, add Google Maps, add geo-tags and social media buttons. Honestly saying, we don’t like the design of the social buttons, but look at the image above and you will see what additional features you can get.As you see, these plugins are made to help you in achieve one goal – local SEO, and we hope that you will use them wisely.

As you see, these plugins are made to help you in achieve one goal – local SEO, and we hope that you will use them wisely.


If you want to elevate your jewelry business to a new level, you really need to think about local SEO. It will help you gain more local search engine visibility and this in turn will lead to increased interest from local customers.
Google is doing everything it can to help local businesses stay competitive, but it all depends on how much energy and money you want to spend to achieve your first milestone.
In fact, using the steps mentioned in our Guide is enough to improve your results. Go step-by-step, starting with the NAP and down to local content. Also, we have created this B2B SEO guide that will help you to look on SEO differently. But if you are serious about getting to #1 on Google you may need more comprehensive expertise in the field.
That’s why we are here to listen about your projects and help you achieve your ambitions.



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