Yoshfe Diamonds International

YDI is a leading DeBeers Sightholder and Forevermark distributor. They are an Israeli company with a rich history in the diamond industry. Their Sortified inventory system offers unique value to their customers.


Neo City Group

Neocity Group deliver high quality, cost-effective real-estate investment and development projects. This highly reputed Group has a diverse and extensive portfolio across Eastern and Central Europe.


DICE - invetments.diamonds

Diamond Investment & Intelligence Center (DICE) provides investors around the world with the most accurate and up-to-date information about diamonds, their historical financial performance and, most importantly, their future investment potential.


A.A Rachminov

A.A Rachminov have built up a strong legacy in the diamond industry. With early beginnings in the 1930’s, this family company has grown to establish themselves as one of the top three diamond exporters in Israel.


GLD Diamonds

GLD Diamonds are a leading manufacturer and exporter of diamonds. The company has rapidly risen in the industry, since its founding in 2010. Today it offers masterful diamond cutting out of its factories in Israel and Thailand.


The Mommy Pendant

The Mommy Pendant creates custom made pendants that celebrate motherhood. The responsive site allows customers to choose all aspects of the pendant, from type of metal and gems through to the number of gems to adorn the pendant.


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